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Well-maintained machinery on the farm will save you time and money. 

The Agriculture or farming environment is hard on machinery and consistent protection is required from the daily exposure to water, fertilizers, cow manure and pesticides. Prolan lubricants and corrosion inhibitors have been rigorously tested by specialist Agricultural scientists and the true blue farmer. Prolan’s natural lubricants will provide long-lasting protection for equipment in use and stored during seasons.  Prolan lubricants are made of natural wool grease which retains its consistency and provide ongoing lubrication and protection for your valuable machinery assets.  Smear around your electrical connections to prevent moisture corrosion and electrolysis.

Prolan anti-seize grease lube is an unbeatable product for assembly and disassembly of agriculture equipment. It will stay in joints and threads for long periods, allowing easy removal of components.

Click below for information on how to apply and use Prolan lubricants in the Agricultural sector.

Quad Bike Treatment to Stop Rust

General Lubricant and Anti-seize

Recommended Products for the Agriculture sector

Medium Grade Liquid


Anti-Seize Grease


Enduro Medium Grade Liquid


Quad Bike Case Study

 Quad Bike case study

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