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Protecting your valuable assets and ensuring your equipment is reliable, lasts longer and is well-maintained is essential in today’s busy airline industry. 

Prolan grease lube and liquid lubricants are safe to use, environmentally friendly, biodegradable and will provide your equipment with long-lasting protection you can rely on.

Recently, Prolan lubricants have been approved for maintenance gear, tractors, cars etc. at Copenhagen Airport. Prolan lubricants were approved by Copenhagen Airport because they are natural and have no ingredients that could damage air traffic safety.  The Prolan team understands customer needs and have developed and installed a pump application station at the airport that reticulates, mixes and has non-drip function for easy application.

“Mother nature has come up again with something that actually can solve more than most petrochemical products can do”.

Click below for information on how to apply and use Prolan lubricants in the Aviation sector.

General Lubricant

Rust Preventative

Recommended Products for the Aviation sector

Enduro Medium Grade Liquid



Get the best results from a high performance lanolin lubricant.

  • Long lasting protection saving time on multiple reapplications
  • Resists acids and alkali
  • Resists being washed off surfaces (after the carrier has evaporated)
  • Excellent protection for parts in storage or transit
  • Safe to handle and apply
  • Penetrates rust to protect metal & alloy surfaces
  • Prevents moisture & oxygen from contacting metal surfaces
  • Lifts rust scale
  • Forms a moisture barrier preventing corrosive agents penetrating the surface
  • Frees up seized parts
  • General workshop lubricant

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