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Prolan is a high performance, workshop lubricant for the industrial and engineering industry. 

Use Prolan liquid lanolin lubricant in corrosive and harsh environments to stop the deterioration of equipment, inhibit corrosion and protect valuable assets (crane barges on harbours, digger barges, loaders in fertilizer companies, wind turbines, pulp plants, salt and fertilizer plants).  Rely on Prolan Enduro Heavy Grade liquid lanolin lubricant for the ultimate protection in extreme environments including conditions below -45C where other products will fail.  Protect your valuable equipment being shipped overseas or stored for long periods.

Prolan grease lube is an exceptional anti-seize product on stainless steel to prevent galling and for use in the assembly /disassembly of components.

The Prolan team has 30 years of experience in the engineering industry.  This knowledge and technical experience enables us to provide the best solutions and lubrication products for our customers’ needs.

Click below for information on how to apply and use Prolan lubricants in the Industrial sector.

General Lubricant and Anti-Seize

Rust Preventative

Recommended Products for the Industrial sector

Enduro Heavy Grade Liquid


Anti-Seize Grease


Medium Grade Liquid


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