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From marinas to boat motors, Prolan lubricants and corrosion inhibitors will protect and preserve your valuable marine assets.

Prolan has developed a range of specialized lubricants and corrosion inhibitors for the marine industry which are easy to apply, safe to use, environmentally friendly, and most important: biodegradable.  Rely on Prolan lubricants for performance with its natural water-repelling properties and ability to stop rust and corrosion.  Prolan lanolin lubricants create an air tight barrier in the most corrosive environments and are safe to use on electrical connections, plastics, synthetic rubbers and paint.

Prolan grease lube is a great anti-seize product for all marine stainless steel threads and for assembly and disassembly of equipment requiring regular maintenance and its non-conductive properties also make an excellent barrier against electrolysis. Prolan grease lube and liquid lanolin lubricant forms a long-lasting, protective barrier that prevents moisture and oxygen from contacting metal surfaces. Protect your boat fittings and engine compartment from salt water corrosion with Prolan lubricants and corrosion inhibitors.

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General Lubricant & Anti-Seize

Rust Preventative

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