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Independent Stevedoring

‘Independent Stevedoring Ltd ‘operate at the ‘Port of Tauranga’ loading and unloading cargo from the busy container ships. Part of this work is to load logs onto the ships with a wire rope and spreader system. Some of the ropes are left around the cargo to allow easier removal when they reach their final destination. The ropes and twitches are then shipped back as deck cargo to NZ and rust during transit.Wire ropes rust on the inner strands and twitches also freeze solid because of the rust and have to be thrown away.


‘Independent Stevedoring’ applied ‘Prolan Heavy Grade Spray’ to the wire ropes to prevent them rusting when shippng them back to NZ. The lanolin in the ‘Prolan’ does not evaporate off or break down and lasts for long periods even when exposed to harse marine conditions. By using the ‘Prolan Heavy Grade Liquid Spray’ applied with a paint spray gun, a coat of lanolin then covered the raw steel surface preventing air and moisture from forming rust.

The advantage of the ‘Prolan Heavy Grade Liquid Spray’ is:

  • An easy to use biodegradable product that is a safe alternative for the environment where protection of our oceans and wharf areas has now become a global issue.
  • The lanolin does not evaporate off or break down and lasts for long periods even when exposed to the extreme environments.


Glenn from ‘ Independent Stevedoring Ltd’ has found that the life of the ropes has been increased. ‘Prolan Lanolin Lubricant’ has also been an effective protection for the twitches and tie down ratchets.


Glenn from ‘Independent Stevedoring Ltd’ tells his story on the benefits and application of the Prolan.

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