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Farmers fight the war against rust

Quad bikes are an essential part of the New Zealand dairy farmer’s modern farming world. The corrosive nature of the cow manure on the farms causes the framework of the quad bike to rust out. Some bikes are treated with a diesel and oil mixture, however this evaporates off and breaks down in approximately 3 months. Most frames rust through on the front steering wishbone where the muck has built up over the top, and the owner is therefore unaware what is happening underneath or the safety issues about to present themselves.When the wishbone finally gives way all steering is lost and the bike is off over a bank or into a drain.


  • Spraying ‘Prolan Enduro Medium grade Spray’ will forms a barrier from the cow manure and stop the air and moisture attacking the surface and causing corrosion.
  • This coat will last 9-12months on the average farm bike depending upon the situation.

The advantage of the ‘Prolan Medium grade Enduro Liquid’ is:

  • It’s affinity for sticking to the steel which will stop the cold water blasting from washing it off. The ‘Prolan Protective Lubricant’ always stays soft and moves with the frame preventing the coat from cracking.
  • It is also a clean easy to use biodegradable product that will not affect the environment.


  • Treatment is only required every 9-12 months and the bike can be washed in between coats of Prolan.
  • As you can see in the photo above, the frame on this bike is still in good condition after 14000kms.


Dave who has a quad bike on the farm tells his story.

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