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Tauranga Bridge Marina

‘Prolan’ was commissioned to solve major rust corrosion problems at the ‘Tauranga bridge marina -NZ’, where the ends of the bolts holding the marina walkway to the pontoons were rusting away after a 5yr period. Maintenance of approximately 50000 fittings on the piers became a major issue because of the time wasted trying to remove the seized nuts. The rate at which the corrosion occurred also highlighted the short lifespan that could be expected from the original system. Eventually the nut would rust completely away allowing the pontoon to break free and become unsafe.


By using the ‘Corosxcaps system’ combined with the ‘Prolan lanolin grease’, a barrier is formed over the steel nuts and thread.

The advantage of the Prolan grease is:

  • Easy to use biodegradable product that is a safe alternative for the environment where protection of our oceans and marina’s has now become a global issue.
  • It’s affinity for sticking to the steel which will stop the salt water from washing it off.


After 2yrs there is no sign of any corrosion. Depending on the situation it is expected that the grease should provide protection for 10-15yrs.


‘Tony Arnold’ who has managed the marina for 14yrs tells his story -


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