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Testimonial from Denrex

Hi Leif/Denrex Aps,

This is to inform you I'm now finished with testing of the Prolan Grease having compared it to other grease types.

The primary function I needed from such a grease was it's ability to treat surface rust found on M12 threaded studs and nuts installed in coastal environments. The tests carried out with Prolan grease were together with special commercially produced protective caps produced by Radoloid (German company) sold here in Denmark by Cobalch A/S (

The caps were filled with Prolan grease then fitted to the threaded stud/nut assembly. The assemblies were then subjected to an accelerated salt mist test. The test was conducted at elevated temperatures (70 degrees C) to accelerate the corrosion process.

One weeks testing is approximately the equivalent of some other standard 4 week salt mist tests.

Assemblies with Prolan/Protective Caps and without Prolan/Protective Caps were tested.

Assemblies with the Prolan/Protective Caps showed no signs of corrosion.....

........where as, untreated assemblies had red rust on the thread and nut surfaces.

The Prolan grease was the most fluid of the grease types tested at the elevated temperatures and showed the best penetration of the bolted joint.

A further test was conducted where Prolan grease was now applied to the previously untreated threaded stud assemblies (red rust present) to evaluate Prolans effectiveness in treating exisiting corrosion. The assembly was subjected to a temperature of approximately 55 degrees C.

Prolan gave the following result shown below.

Please note the tests and results shown here were aimed at evaluating the corrosion preventative qualities of several types of grease at elevated temperatures.


Chris Murphy
Senior Engineer, Mechanical Systems
Radar Systems

Terma A/S
Hovmarken 4
8520 Lystrup

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