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Prolan stops salt water corrosion on Windmill Power Turbines

'Wintech AS is a Danish company - one of the leading companies in Europe specializing in the repair and maintenance of small to medium sized wind turbines. ' Where the wind power really started to prosper and expand all over the world'. They have skills and knowledge to completely overhaul gearboxes, generators, hydraulic and electrical systems, which are the heart of these machines. The turbines are subject to corrosion from an extreme salt water environment . Wintech has solved the problem by using Prolan products - the Heavy Grade is sprayed on steel surfaces during maintenance and installation. Prolan is non-conductive to 70 Kv and can be safely used around the electrical components on the wind turbine systems. The Prolan grease is an excellent anti-seize enabling bolts to be undone years later.

'Wintech' have seen the huge difference Prolan has made expecially on wind turbines located offshore. For this reason all subcontracted installation teams are asked to use Prolan during re-installation of the wind turbines.

See testimonial WindTech a/s Denmark - resource section Prolan website.

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