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Prolan performs well on Gt Barrier Island, NZ

Great Barrier Island 90 km off the coast of New Zealand is exposed to  the harsh rigours of a  coastal salt water environment. 'Prolan Enduro Heavy Grade' and 'anti-seize grease' perform well in this environment - and have protected assets of customers living on the island for many years.

Testiomial from John Glover:

 As discussed how "Little Toot" the Kubota tractor looks after 10 years launching the boat here on Gt Barrier Island, NZ.


"I have used Prolan for the past 10 years and the tractor is the envy on the island, I spray it  every 6 months and this has given it the protection from the salt water and harsh weather we encounter here on Gt Barrier Island, NZ"


Many thanks again




John Glover

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