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Suzuki NZ Recommends Prolan for ATVs for Rust and Corrosion

Suzuki NZ recommend the use of PROLAN spray a lanolin protective coating that resists corrosion and rust. It resists being washed off, resists acids and alkali, the protection is long lasting and doesn't need re-applying every service.

The new version – PROLAN ENDURO doesn't leave a sticky residue and becomes dry to touch overnight. PROLAN lubricants help prevent electrolysis caused by dissimilar metals, great for spraying in brake calipers at Pre Delivery (Pads require removal) or before fitting new pads.

The lanolin grease is a longer lasting anti seize compound for drive shafts/pivots and doesn't soften or damage rubber boots. In corrosive environments such as the dairy industry, products such as this save a lot of unnecessary repairs.

Please visit the PROLAN website for further information.

All PROLAN products are natural, safe to handle and easy to apply.



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M/C Technical Executive



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