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Agrometer Denmark achieves excellent results with Prolan

Picture of Irrigation machine

Figure 1 : Image of Agrometer Irrigation Machine

The Danish company ‘Agrometer’ founded in 1977, are a manufacturer of unique, high performance pumps used for irrigation, clean water, slurry and wastewater.  They are a global supplier to many different markets such as aquaculture, shipping, general industry and communities.

‘Agrometer’ has had an ongoing constant battle against corrosion until they were introduced to the ‘PROLAN’ range of products in 2013.
They now extensively use ‘PROLAN’ in different departments ranging from assembling their own pumps to protection of sea freight and components sent to overseas customers.

The production and maintenance/service staff at ‘Agrometer’ give ‘PROLAN’ products their highest recommendation. ‘PROLAN’ products are used anywhere that they know corrosion is an issue i.e. connections, flanges, bolts etc.

See their story under Case Studies to  the left of the  Prolan website front page.



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