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Danish Exporter 'Hartmann' solve corrosion issues with Prolan.

The company ‘Hartmann’ founded in 1917 are the world’s leading manufacturer of moulded fibre egg packaging, and are also one of the world’s largest manufacturers of machinery for producing moulded fibre packaging. They develop, manufacture and sell recyclable packaging for eggs and fruit. All ‘Hartmann’s’ products are based on recycled paper which is a renewable CO2-neutral and bio-degradable resource. 

Figure 1 : Hartmann Egg cartons

Throughout their production plants they see numerous corrosion issues.The pumps and production equipment at ‘Hartmann’ were extremely corroded from the paper pulp production working conditions at high temperature. The maintenance staff have found over the last 3-4 years that the ‘PROLAN GREASE’ has surpassed any product they have used to prevent corrosion and general maintenance -  for assembling and protection. For corrosion protection on the outside of equipment ‘PROLAN HEAVY GRADE ENDURO’ is used.

 ‘Hartmann’ maintenance management now recommend that ‘PROLAN' products be used on any production machinery and pumps throughout their plants worldwide.



Figures 2 -3 : Corrosion in Hartmann Production plant.


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