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 Heavy Construction projects - bridges, marine

Heavy Machinery applications - fertiliser spreaders/loaders

Equipment/ machinery exposed to a marine environment - boat trailers, submersible pumps, cranes.

Vehicle Chassis- 4 WDs, Truck, loaders.

Longterm rust protection for equipment storage outside, including metal sculptures.

Panelbeating applications - panelwork

Horticultural tractors - spray equipment




All Prolan 1,4 and 20 litre products come with a complimentary trigger sprayer.

Prolan is easy and safe to apply using a trigger pack sprayer, airless spray gun or garden sprayer.

Minimal preparation is required before coating. Where possible remove any dirt, scale or other surface coating before applying and leave overnight or longer. Applications can be recoated depending on the situation.

N.B Cold water blasting will not remove Prolan coatings.

Longlasting protection saving time on multiple reapplication.

Increases machinery life and resale value

Improves COF & WOF checkout.

Resists acids & alkalis, moisture & salt.

Won't break down rubbers & wiring.

Easy to apply. Resists wash off.

Environmentally friendly and biodegradeable.



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