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Use for undersealing chassis of vehicles,fertiliser machinery, motorhomes etc.

Excellent for boat trailers as extension tube can be used for hard to reach areas.

Panelbeating applications.


The Airboy Undersealer Gun is an excellent quality spray gun manufactured in Denmark. Use to apply Prolan Enduro Corrosion inhibitor as an anti-rust treatment of vehicles and agricultural machines. The airboy gun can be used to apply a thick or thin protective coating. A 1 metre extension hose accompanies the airboy gun to reach those hard to reach areas which are susceptible to corrosion e,g. inside cavities, doors and panels.

Connect the gun to a compressed airline system.

The application is simple and quick.

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ratingratingratingratingrating Warren Perkinson

I recently bought one of these along with 4 litres of Prolan Enduro Heavy Grade liquid. The Airboy gun is by far the best way to apply this product. It comes with 2 nozzles - the long thin tube which is just the right size for injecting Prolan inside you

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