Prolan natural products are versatile and will help you reduce multiple products in your workshop

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Prolan can be used for a multiple of applications – from general workshop lubricant, the protection and preservation of metals and electronics from corrosion and wear, and is certified for the food-grade industry. 

One aerosol can of Prolan liquid lubricant replaces a multitude of other workshop lubricants.  Prolan will save you time, reduce cost, increase productivity and ensure your valuable investments and assets will last longer. 

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Anti-Seize Grease



Get the best results from a high performance lanolin lubricant.

  • Long lasting protection saving time on multiple reapplications
  • Resists acids and alkali
  • Resists being washed off surfaces (after the carrier has evaporated)
  • Excellent protection for parts in storage or transit
  • Safe to handle and apply
  • Penetrates rust to protect metal & alloy surfaces
  • Prevents moisture & oxygen from contacting metal surfaces
  • Lifts rust scale
  • Forms a moisture barrier preventing corrosive agents penetrating the surface
  • Frees up seized parts
  • General workshop lubricant

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