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The Prolan way is to build strong partnerships with our customers who share the same values.

Prolan believes it is important to understand our customers business and their future requirements so we can provide backup, support and customize our lubrication products to meet their needs.  We are dedicated to providing a professional knowledgeable service to our customers backed by high performance products.  Our technical sales team will work directly with you and recommend the best product suitable for your application requirements.  We pride ourselves in continuous improvements. "Talk to Prolan for custom solutions to combat rust".

Prolan provides customers with environmentally friendly, high performance, protective industrial lanolin lubricants, corrosion inhibitors and anti-seize grease lubes that will protect your investment longer, increase productivity and are safe to use

Find a Prolan distributor in your area or shop our lanolin lubricant range now.

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Medium Grade Liquid



Get the best results from a high performance lanolin lubricant.

  • Long lasting protection saving time on multiple reapplications
  • Resists acids and alkali
  • Resists being washed off surfaces (after the carrier has evaporated)
  • Excellent protection for parts in storage or transit
  • Safe to handle and apply
  • Penetrates rust to protect metal & alloy surfaces
  • Prevents moisture & oxygen from contacting metal surfaces
  • Lifts rust scale
  • Forms a moisture barrier preventing corrosive agents penetrating the surface
  • Frees up seized parts
  • General workshop lubricant

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