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The need to keep your transport business ahead of your competitor and limit costly repairs is growing every year as busy driving schedules put large demands on drivers and machinery. 

Prolan grease lube and liquid lubricants will help you keep your transport operation on the road for longer periods and reduce costly repairs.

Prolan liquid lubricants have a unique formula which allows the high capillary action to penetrate into moving parts and double chassis skins that are especially vulnerable to corrosion, forming a thick and durable anti-corrosive layer. “Prolan stops rust forming even in places you can’t reach”.  Spray Prolan liquid lubricant on truck underbodies and wiring systems, and allow Prolan’s natural water-repelling properties to protect your valuable asset from water, mud and corrosive chemicals used for stabilizing roads.

Click below for information on how to apply and use Prolan lubricants in the Transport sector.

General Lubricant

Rust Preventative

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